Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miracle Mack

You got my whole story on how Mack got here, but here is a little bit about Mack's journey thus far. He was born on Nov. 9th and weight 2lbs 7oz and was just 28 weeks. When he was first born he aspirated, or breathed in, some blood. He also had a foot caught in the birth canal. Mark got to go with him right away after he was born to the NICU. I didn't get to see him until about 4 hours later. We didn't know if he was going to make it that first day. He wasn't breathing well and they thought he might lose his tiny little foot. When I saw him it was all purple and smashed. He was also on a ventilator to help him breath.  Throughout the day they were giving him 100% oxygen and his saturation levels were 70-75%. That first night they called and said they wanted to put him on nitric oxide. It was a new thing and could have some possible bad side effects like a brain bleed, but they thought that it was what was needed to dilate the blood vessels in his lungs and finally get him the needed oxygen. Mark felt like that was a good decision and gave the go ahead. It worked almost  immediately.  The next morning when we came down the nurses and the doctors were so happy. Mack was off the ventilator and just had  C-pap.
Things have mostly gone up from there. His bilirubin was high so he was under a light for over a week, but he doesn't need that any more. He didn't have to have a c-pap long and they moved him to just a nasal canula. This was when we first got to hold him. He was two days old. We were so happy it was the great feeling to have him in my arms. I didn't really appreciate how tiny he was until then. I now do kangaroo care or skin to skin with him everyday for an hour or more. I also get to pump milk all day every day for my little guy. They feed him through a little tube that goes in through his mouth and down into his tummy.
Just a week old they moved him to the next level in the NICU which was so much better. We have our own little space and it's much quieter. His first day there he kicked off his IV so they decided instead of sticking him again to just go without it and he has been doing great getting all his nutrients from my milk.
Mack also then got some special visitors, his brother and sister. This really helped to make life complete. Our family finally all together in the same room. The kids were so happy and so sweet. Boyce said, "I am so lucky because I got to go straight home from the hospital when I was born, but Mack just loves me too much he had to come early."
We just got home from visiting our little Mack. He is still living in his plastic box or his isolete. He is on 24% oxygen running at 3 L/m. Which is pretty good. He is gaining weight really well. Today he weighed 2lbs 9oz!! His biggest thing is he just forgets to breathe when he goes into a deep sleep.

He is in great hands! I always thought the hardest thing any mom would have to do was to leave her new little baby at the hospital and go home babyless. And it was so hard! and so emotional and strange. The only way I was able to do it is that he is where he needs to be. He needs to be at the hospital and get bigger and stronger. The Winner Palmer crew is amazing. We have the sweetest nurses that just love him. And his doctor is Dr. Alexander who is world renowned for being one of the best neonatoligists, and he is a sweet caring man.
We love our little Mack and feel so blessed to have him here. We feel really hopefull that things will continue to go well.
Thank you for all your prayers! Keep them coming!
Mack's tiny hiccups. 


Holly said...

I am amazed at how fast he is improving!!! Our first (Tucker) was 1 day overdue, but ended up being in the NICU for 3 weeks--and he was on a C-pap longer than Mack! You guys are definitely in our prayers. Life with a baby in the NICU is so hard! Hang in there! And thank you for keeping us all posted on his progress!!

Ashley Halsey said...

I love hearing these updates. I can so relate to a the stresses of a baby in the NICU and two little ones at home. Our little Cal was in there for 5 weeks and it was no fun! It feels like no matter where you are, you're leaving someone behind. It is SO good to hear he's doing well. Since I have some experience with the NICU vocab, I have to say it sounds like he is doing AMAZING for how tiny and early he was! We will keep praying!

P.S.-Good luck with the pumping! I was SO glad to be done with that when Cal finally came home. You are giving him the liquid gold that will help him grow quickly!

Amanda said...

We are glad things are going better. Our prayers are with you:)

The Potters said...

Bless your little family! I'm so glad baby Mack is getting bigger and stronger! He will be fine!! I totally feel your pain. I remember when I didn't even get to see Brady until the day after I had him:( then I would go and visit him in the hospital every day and bring my little milk lunch box with pumped milk and watch them put a few mls in his little tube...crazy. Now he's 32 lbs. and turning 4 years old this week. Are'nt you so grateful for modern medicine?! Keep on keepin on, you guys are amazing. love you!