Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay, sorry I havne't posted in so long! So much has happened and I finally got to a place that had internet and a moment to breathe. So sorry for so many new posts, but I just couldn't leave anything out.

Road Trip!

Our next adventure was driving up to Spokane for a vaction and taking my mom back home. We stayed a night in Jackson Wy. Then wnet to YellowStone for a day which was beautiful and amazing. Then we drove the rest of the way to Spokane. We are excited to spend some time with my family. Then we are going to see from friends in Montana and met up with some of Mark's family before we have to head back home for school.

I did it!!

I can't believe this day finally came. I graduated from Brigham Young University. It was so nice to have my mom there, mark's mom & dad and sisters. It was such a special day to accomplish a goal that I have had since I was a little girl. I majored in Recreation management and Youth Leadership with a business Management minor. Now you might ask what am I going to do and I would say I don't know! I wish to just stay home and be a mom and we will see if that is possible. My goal now lies in being a good mom and wife. I love being mom and my education will help me. I am thankful for the parents and Mark for all the suport. I couldn't have done it's without them!

Good bye Park City

We have loved living in Park City for the summer, but now it's time to go back to happy valley. Mark has one more semester at BYU. You might ask what we are going to do next and I would say that I wish I knew.

Howard Reunion

We had a great time at the Howard reunion (my mom's side of the family). It was near bear lake and we got to see some family we hadn't seen in years. Family reunions are wonderful and now we got nominated to plan the next one in 4 years.

The big 25!

I had a great birthday turning a quarter of a century. On Thursday my dad surprised me from Washington and took me to dinner. We went up to Mirror Lake. It was a beautiful drive and we saw awesome waterfalls and did a little hike. Then we went down to Salt Lake City for the night. Mark got me tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas next month. It's been a great birthday and we are still celebrating.

Opening Ceremonies

We had a great time at my last day of work. We got to have a party and watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. Mark and Boyce came and Boyce stay up just in time to see the US athletes in the arena. I enjoyed working at the Marriott for the summer. I am going to work like once a month but I am pretty much done. I will miss my 'work best friend' Lisa.


I just love these cute PJs from my sister in-law and Boyce is getting so big.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Suzanne

Yesterday was my sister's birthday if you would like to more know about her and her birthday see my post on my family's blog.