Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is everyone sweating out there?

I couldn't help but notice that this country is hot right now! If you are like me you might be sweating like crazy and I thought maybe some cool music would help you all cool down. So grab some iced lemonade, your 3D glasses and enjoy these videos courtesy of our friends at youtube.

Monday, July 19, 2010

cutest kids

These two just love each other. Boyce can't get enough of Eve-he wants to kiss, hug and hold her, and Eve is always cracking up over him
Eve- she is my little sunshine! She is full of smiles and laughs. She loves being outside and she is a little roly poly I lay her down and come back and she has rolled herself across the room. She is also starting to sit up, but she loves it but she gets too excited and falls over. :)
Boyce- He is crazy and just keeps us laughing all day long with the funny things he says. He loves grandma's yard and works hard in all day, mowing, picking raspberries (he eats all he picks) and helping grandma. He is just so much fun!

We love our kids and can't get enough of their sweet faces

Sunday, July 18, 2010

back it up

It's been not stop since we moved so we were never got around to telling about our move and really want to are up to. All our wonderful friends helped us pack up all our junk (thank you thank you thank you!!) for the 9th times since we were married. Oh the joys of moving! Yikes! We put most of our stuff in storage there in Nebraska and packed the car from the summer. We are here in Spokane for just the summer while Mark does his preceptorship at Sacred Heart Hospital. He is working so hard right now I'm glad I have my family for company. When he finishes in August he'll go back to Nebraska to graduate with his bachelors in Nursing!! Hip hip hooray! That's about as far as we know. He's looking and applying for jobs and hopefully we will get one soon after graduation.
Any who here are some pics of the crew packing us up. What a long day for everyone!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brian, Amanda & Avery

Mark's Brother Brian came to visit us here in Spokane. We loved having them here!

throwing rocks in the river it really doesn't get any better then this!
Those Boys would have been all the swings 24-7 if we let them! It was 97 degrees this day!
eve & amanda
Cute Avery
the lake

more 4th

It was so fun I had to put more pics

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

We had a great time with my brother nate and this amazing family over the holiday. We rode bikes, played, ate, were in a parade, and let off fireworks. It was a blast!! They know how to party. We took some fun pictures too (thanks amy) and there will be more to come

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sweet Eve

We have been partying with my brother Nate and this family in West Richland Washington. My talented sister in-law Amy took these awesome pictures of our beauitful girl.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stopping off the way

Well, We packed up our whole house Friday, and said our sad goodbyes on Friday. My wonderful husband then braved the long drive to Spokane, where we'll be for at least the summer, and I headed with the kids and my mom to Arizona. We had a great time there with my brother John and his awesome family! We miss them already, but now we are working to get settled here in Spokane for Mark's preceptorship. It should be a fun summer!