Thursday, November 20, 2008

Goodbye Marriott

I have been working two nights a week up in Park City at the Marriott Mountainside. It's been a lot of fun, but tonight is my last night. I am happy not to have to spend anymore nights away from my boys. I am going to be now taking care of my boys, getting ready for Christmas and packing for our big move.

Monday, November 17, 2008

sleeping babe

I love when Boyce is awake but he is so cute when he is asleep.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here we have Idaho

We had a fun weekend in Idaho visiting our family. Mark's brother Brian and his wife Amanda just had a baby boy so we went to see them. He is a cutie. Boyce just love little Avery we had to fight him off. He can't wait until he grows up and can play. We also got to see our friend Julie & Chris who just moved to Idaho Falls. Also we got to spend time with Mark's parents and little sister. It was cold but we love seeing family.

Ashley's dance recital

We went to Ashley's dance recital a couple weeks ago. Ashely is our friends Matt & Michelle's little girl. She was so cute and did a great job. Boyce just loved all the dancing and music. In Mark's opinion he loved it a little too much.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Strong Families

I know we don't live in California, but the elections taking place tomorrow can have a huge effect on us. I really like this video of an interview with Elder Bednar about prop. 8. Elder Bendar is a member of the quorum of the apostle and a special witness of Christ. Please go to this site and watch this video.
This is another video I liked too. It's very simply and explains why it's important to vote yes for prop 8, and protect our families

Sunday, November 2, 2008

great week; family, fish, fall and halloween

We had a really fun week and took lots of fun pictures and videos. My brother John came to visit from Portland with his wife Jada and thier two kids, Owen & Paige. They stayed for a week and it was so awesome to have them here, and so nice of them to come.
Boyce had so much fun with his cousins. We all went to the aquarium one day. I didn't think Boyce would really get it, but he loved looking at the fish swim by!

One beautiful day Joe & Mal came over and we played in the leaves and craved pumpkins. We spend a lot of time outside all week throwing the Frisbee around and jumping in leaves.

Owen loves to watch "moovies" and he loves being scared so we watch Monster House at least once a day.

Halloween was so fun having these little ones around. It was definitely the warmest Halloween I have ever experienced. Boyce was even a little warm in his costume. We went to Joe & Mal's ward treat or treating. Then did a little in our neighborhood. We have so much fun having trick or treaters come to our own house. But by far our trick or treaters were the cutest!
Boyce had a big week. He got to spend so much time with his cousins and he really got the army crawl down and he is loving crawling all over the place. Today at in sunday school he crawled under 3 rows of chairs to get some little girls toys. This video was just after he got out of this costume and we was so happy and wired we just couldn't put him to bed.