Wednesday, April 30, 2008

quick update

We are in Park City and loving it, but we are not too happy about the weather. It's been snowing all day today. Boyce got his immunizations today. I think it was harder on me then him. Mark has been at home taken care of the sweet boy while I had my first official day of work. I worked from 3 to 11:30 pm. For me that is a late late night. It's really fun though- we get to plan and do all different kinds of activities with the guest here. It's the mud season right now so it's so so slow. We had one boy for our guitar hero tournament and the same boy and his dad for Texas hold em. Well as soon as we can find our camera cord we will post pictures.


Brandon and Erica said...

Sarah! You worked until 11:30? Whoa. That IS late. Well, your new job sounds like a lot of fun! Guitar Hero and Texas Hold 'Em?
And I am sorry about little Boyce's immunizations. Yuck.

Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...

Sounds like fun! Hopefully we'll be up to see you soon! I hear that your apartment rocks! And yes - immunizations are hard on mommies, too. I though Ash was going to get some at her appointment last week and I was mentally preparing myself all week - but then she didn't need any! HP! Love ya!