Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 Month Birthday!!

We can't believe Boyce is two months old today. It seems in some ways that we just had him, but then we really can't remember life before him. We just love him so much. He is such a cute and sweet boy that loves to cuddle. Although he is still new here he is starting to smile more and getting a little personality. He is asocial guy, he loves going to new places and seeing new faces. He loves his bath now. He loves taking him naps in our bed on his belly. And he loves kicking his legs. He loves to suck on his blanket when he doesn't have a pacifier and he is camera shy so it's hard to get a good picture of him smiling. We feel so blessed to have this sweet boy in our lives.


Kyle & Megan said...

Boyce is such a stud muffin! What a cute little personality he is getting! When are you guys moving up to Park City?

Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...

Cute pics! So fun to have the twins over! They're very cute too. It was good to see you guys this weekend! Good luck in Park City and hopefully we'll still see you.

Brandon and Erica said...

He is sooo CUTE! And, I LOVED the little onesie featured in the first few pictures. Where'd you get it? ::wink::

Well, I plan on seeing you this week. So, keep your ears open for a phone call :-)