Friday, March 23, 2012

Deseret Ranch Rodeo

Our church own this huge ranch out here in Florida, Desert Ranch

The Ranch is about 290,000 acres, or 450 square miles of pastures, citrus groves wetlands and woodlands.  The Ranch is stretched out across the Central Florida counties of Orange, Osceola and Brevard.

They host an annual Rodeo and we weren't going to missed it! It was a 
beautiful night and so fun!


Clendon and Joy said...

At the preston night rodeo they call that mutton busting and it is a hoot and a little scary for such little kids. Deseret Ranch is still on our sites of must sees when we come visit. I really had fun looking through all your posts--what an adventure being in Florida. I'm glad you're getting to do some fun things while there. Sure love you guys.