Monday, August 29, 2011


Our kids love to travel and it's a good thing! We flew from Grand Island Ne to Dallas to Portland. Stayed a few day drove to Cannon Beach and stayed a week. Then flew to La and then to Miami! Mark had an interview at Barry University for nurse anesthetist school. Then we drove all over Florida; Miami, West palm beach, Orlando to Tampa. Amazingly Boyce was sad when our trip was over but quickly comforted by the fact we wouldn't stay home long. :)

Grandma Turpin, Aly, & Taunya came to Portland for a cousins wedding. It was perfect timing we got to attend the sealing and spend a little time in Portland with them.

We stayed right by the gate of Disney world but sadly it's just not in our budget but we did have fun visiting the shop at Downtown Disney. Our favorite was the Lego store.
We have a fun children's museum pass and we got into Miami's and Tampa's museums. They were amazing! and kept us busy while Mark had business to attend to


nana and atom said...

i saw on fb that you are moving to florida, so i guess he got in to the school? so fun! your kiddos are growing up so fast but still cute as buttons! hope you're doing great!

Lisa Pace said...

Wow! Your kids really are good travelers. Florida!? Sounds like a fun adventure. Good luck with the move.