Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marriage Tag

I tag my mom, and all my sister in-laws Amy, Jada, & Mal

How Long have you been married?

It will be 2 years on June 16th! The best 2 years of my life

How old is your spouse?

He is a young man at 28!

Who eats more?

I guess it depends. Probably Mark but with nursing I can put it down!

Who said I love you first?

umm...I am pretty sure it was Mark

Who is taller?

Mark for sure

Who sings better?

Mark by a lot!! He is an awesome singer and although I have been doing karoake twice a week at work I am not getting any better

Who is smarter?


Who controls the TV remote?

Mark usually, but we don't have TV right now so no one

Whose temper is worse?

I definetly have the temper I have only see Mark lose it once and it wasn't even bad.

Who does the laundry?

That would be me

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

When your laying on the bed, I do, because Boyce sleep to the right of our bed and I have to get up with him, but before him we would like to switch it up

Who cooks dinner?

That would be Mark and he is a great cook

Who is more stubborn?

We are probably equals

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?

Probably Mark

Whose parents do you see the most?

Thats a hard one. Probably mine becuase they can come and visit but we like to get up to Idaho it's not too far away.

Who has more friends?

Mark for sure, because he has all his buds from long ago and they are still friends

Who has more siblings?

Mark hands down!! He comes from a family of 10!! There are 5 kids in my family and I thought that was big.

Who wears the pants in the family? I liked what Michelle said- We usually share the pants.


Lois said...

What kind of job do you have where you do karaoke twice a week?