Thursday, November 1, 2007


Mark had an interview at MidWestern University for Dental School in Glendale AR, so we made a sacrifice and spend some days in the 95 degree weather. We loved it! Mark did awesome at his interview and we hope we will be living there next year. My mom and dad just happen to be there for work so we spend lots of time making great memories with them. We even got to go to the ASU-CAL football game.


John and Jada McFarlane said...

We hope you will be living there too! We can't wait until Mark finds out. Cute pictures. I am so happy you guys have a blog.

FordandCo said...

That is exciting Sarah!! Has Mark gotten any other interviews? Good luck, waiting is the worst part!!!! Love the new photos, and the lovely little baby bump!! You look great!!


Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...

We know that Mark did great during his interview - that's just Mark. We'll miss you guys when you move away :( But we're still hoping for the best for ya!